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The only software created for tennis and padel schools to plan, analyse and share the progress of their players.

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Simplifies the management and monitoring of training sessions. Measures the evolution of players, regardless of their level.

Complete analysis

More than 2,000 indicators tested by professionals and customisable by the school.

Boost your school or academy

If you change the way you train, everything changes.


Your goals in just one click

Know the evolution of your performance from your personal area of Notrick.


Plan your academy

Speed up the process and save time by setting your students’ improvement indicators in advance.


Focus on success

Work individually on each player’s parameters and improve their playing patterns.


Why Notrick?

Talent and coaching


Reinforce your values as an athlete in the racket world.


Mental strength is indispensable in any sport, as is managing your emotions.


Improve your students' performance and efficiency by analysing each of their movements.


Mental strength is indispensable in any sport, as well as the management of emotions.


Training and following certain techniques is essential to achieve a good tactical training that allows you to play with criteria. Generating patterns of play adapted to the opponent is something that is learned with daily work and discipline.


Training the student to be more effective in improving performance can make the difference between reaching the professional level or remaining halfway. Your role in preventing injuries is key to success.

How does it work?

You only improve what you measure


It doesn’t matter what age you are. Anyone who plays the game can use Notrick.


Depending on the age of the user, there is a specific plan. It serves to optimise effort and results.


Notrick studies different types of control to improve where the user really needs it.


If progress is made according to plan, there is only one result, success with Notrick.

Exclusive tool for schools or academies


Notrick has no borders

The only software that can be used by any school in the world.